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About Our Montessori School:

   At our school, every human being is valuable and deserves the opportunity for self-realization and self-fulfillment. Our aim is to work together to provide all students with a caring environment in which learning, cooperation, self-esteem, and success are valued and encouraged to attain their maximum potential, which is why we have chosen to embrace the Montessori learning method. 

 What is the Montessori method? The Montessori method was developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. The Montessori approach is there to develop every aspect of the child. Montessori believed that the child’s early years from birth to six is the time period when they have the highest capacity to learn.

  We are committed to helping students acquire and use knowledge, communicate effectively, and become responsible for contributing individuals in their community and the diverse world. Montessori classrooms are called the prepared environment because they are prepared for the children, so children can be as independent as possible in a Montessori classroom. 

 Montessori believed children learn best by doing and thus Montessori activities are created for children to be able to work through play. Young learners who are happy and self-motivated will form good characters of themselves as successful adults.

  The Montessori classroom, therefore, allows children to foster in a challenging and comfortable environment which has been specially prepared to meet the needs of a child. Montessori teachers believe that outstanding academic standards are just one part of a brilliant educational program. 

  However, the exposure to a variety of topics, concepts, and materials along with effectively working with each child individual strengths, interests and learning styles all contribute to an inspirational, stimulating, effective and successful program that holds the child’s interest and develops their love for learning.

{وَقُل رَبِّ زِدْني عِلْماً }

{O my Lord! advance me in knowledge}