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About our High School:

Our High School is known for its high-quality education and Islamic values being at its core principals. We strive to challenge and inspire students to pursue their dreams. Our High school focuses on delivering quality and diverse learning based on Islamic context, through which our passionate students are prepared and empowered to become positive contributors to the world. 

The curriculum at Al-Risala Academy provides a rigorous Bachelor Preparatory program. Our aim is to open the doors for our students to the top colleges and universities of Canada and USA. We have a wide variety of academic course offerings with the addition of a growing and engaging extra-curricular programs that provide opportunities for students who have a passion for athletics, arts, music, technology, and community service, to practically learn and excel their hobbies. 

Moreover, the high school program is based on the credit system. The Ministry of Education defines a credit as “a means of recognition of the successful completion of a course that has been scheduled for a minimum of 110 hours”. The 110 hours involves planned learning activities related to the learning expectations in a course, excluding homework. We pride ourselves on focusing not only on academic learning skills but also on the personal growth and faithful direction of our students, which is why we place great emphasis on Islamic learning activities and values in high school. We believe in Islamic-based intelligence, that growth and achievement come from hard work and ethical learning habits. 7

We encourage you to further explore our Course Description Guide to learn more about the High School program.

Our students are always encouraged to demonstrate their learning abilities in several ways from projects, presentations, assignments, tests, and traditional exams. We also utilize a wide variety of technologies and valuable resources into learning activities that are of great importance for today and the future. Our High school program is led by a professional team of teachers from around the world. They are committed to providing exceptional education and work in collaboration with each student to ensure that they qualify to progress through their high school and prepare them to continue their next step in education and career. 

 يَرْفَعِ اللهُ الَّذينَ آمَنُوا مِنْكُمْ وَالَّذِينَ أُوتُوا الْعِلْمَ دَرَجَاتٍ 

Allah will exalt in degree those of you who believe, and those who have been granted knowledge.