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November 7, 2016

How to prepare your child for preschool

How to prepare your child for preschool

What makes the first day at the preschool gose well for both of you and your child.

As a parent, leaving your child in a whole new environment away from your attention could lead you to the darkest of thoughts; What is my child doing, what is she/he eating, is my child crying or maybe scared! Your thoughts will make you panic, cry, or even collapse. On the other hand, as a child, separation from his mother or father is even harder, the fear of being alone around strangers is a true nightmare, thinking that he’s been left out by daddy and mommy.

Coping with the new environment will not be an easy task. Therefore, the best thing you can do to ease the separation anxiety is to prepare your child before starting school two months or more prior to school. By recognizing the challenges that your child will be facing and working on overcoming them, you can make the transition as flawless as a soft breeze. Here are 5 ways that you could do to prepare your child.

Engage your child in more social activities

If your child is not used to playing with other kids at a daycare, at a playground, or even at home, start arranging activities that makes him engage with other children. Help your child feel the sense of belonging to a group, interact, learn to share and play together. Call in your neighbors’ kids, or invite your relatives and friends’ kids every other day before starting school. Make for them a demo of school at your own home. Pretend to be the teacher giving them a lesson. This will be as a warm up for the first real day.

Engage your child in school-like activities

At your own home, you can start prior to school engaging your child with many activities that are done in school to make them seem familiar later on. For example, bring your child a little table and chair, buy him colors, paint, coloring books, notebooks, storybooks, a little whiteboard, etc. and start teaching him on using them. Don’t forget to recognize and reward his artwork job. It will motivate him to engage more.

Separate from your child

Get your child used on separating from you prior to school. Leave him with a relative he likes to be around, or put him in a daycare for an hour or two everyday. Day by day, your child will start to cope with the fact that you are not always around, and that he will be just fine.

Give your child an idea of what to expect at school

Get your child into the know before starting school. Let him understand why he is going to school, where it is located, when will he be attending, and what will he be dealing with in school.

  • Take a ride or a walk to school every day, and taking a tour inside will even be better. Introduce his classroom, tables, chairs and class board. This will make him understand where he is, and get used to the environment so he doesn’t have to panic from a new place on the first day.
  • Explain what is school for, show him videos about schools that emphasize the learning and fun of kids engaging together.
  • Introduce his teacher before school starts officially, tell him that she will be there to help him and teach him. Even introduce your child to his teacher, let her know if he has any special needs so she can deal with him in the classroom. If classmates were available, introduce him to them, so that he already has friends when school starts.

Prepare together

Get him engaged in preparing for school. It will build the excitement in him. Buy his books and uniform together. Let him choose the stationary and handback by himself; something he likes, because the more he likes things about school, the more and faster he will cope.