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Curriculum Expectations

Al-Risala Academy follows the curriculum sets forth by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Information covered in the class will be address similarly in other Ontario classroom.  Teachers are also encouraged to use supplementary materials and incorporate Islamic knowledge within the academic lessons. Teachers will use differentiated instructions to meet the needs of the students.

Emergency Procedures

Fire Drills

The purpose of a fire drill is to ensure students are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures, resulting in an orderly evacuation with efficient use of exit facilities.

  • Fire drills will be held four times a year – twice in each of the spring and fall terms.
  • The Fire Department and the Monitoring Station could be notified immediately before beginning
  • At each of the four advised times, a pre-determined pull station will be activated.
  • The fire alarm system alarm signals will be allowed to operate for a minimum of 3 minutes after which time the alarm system will be reset.
  • Students are expected to report to the teacher on duty and form organized lines in a quick and mannerly order.
  • The students will exit the building in a quiet and orderly fashion.
  • All those taking part in the drill will meet at the evacuation meeting area to discuss any identified deficiencies.
  • When the alarm bells stop ringing, the building is safe for re-entry, unless otherwise directed by the Chief Fire Warden.


In the event, Al-Risala Academy is closed for unscheduled reason; a notice will be posted on the school’s website and/or social media. A mass email will be sent out to the parents and guardians.

In the event, an emergency occurs during schools hours, students will be ushered to safe area, and parents and guardians will be notified immediately by telephone. Parents and guardians will be requested to arrange for immediate pick-up. Students will be supervised by staff at all times.

Snow Day Procedure