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Multicultural fair and Open House:

Saturday December 9th, 2017

11AM – 5 PM


At Al-Risala Academy we treat every day as a one step to a life journey dedicated to inspire children to become effective and enthusiastic contributors to the world

Excellent Learning opportunities, valuable activities, and lasting friendships await you at           Al-Risala Academy

Al-Risala Academy is a learning community where achievement and effort are recognized and celebrated

The Quality of learning at Al-Risala Academy is exceptional and all teachers are dedicated and clever

Integrity, honesty, and respect are essential to a safe and trusting community

Our school is devoted to addressing your child’s individual learning needs to successfully facilitate teaching

Embracing Diversity increases productivity and leads to greater innovation and creativity

Our school is highly responsible that we place the wellbeing of our students and interests of the community at the core of all our practices

Al-Risala Academy has established itself as one of the leading Islamic schools in the region, offering a broad and quality education to children from around the world

Our learning scope goes beyond the classroom offering a wide range of extracurricular activities

Islamic morals and values are embraced in all our activities and policies

Our Mission:

“Our mission is to effectively instill Islamic morals & values while ensuring academic excellence.”


 An overview of what your kids do at Al-Risala Academy


Our creative and performing arts curriculum develops the mental ingenuity of students and enhances their self-esteem and confidence by reflecting their inner emotions

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A highly significant education program combined with technology and digital literacy that develops students’ academic excellence, skills, character and values

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A wide range of sport activities are part of our daily school life where students can actively participate and compete

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